Our Products

Our product range includes:
• Prescription only medicines
• Over the Counter items
The range is still expanding as are our premises. The Prescription Only medicines include;
   I. Antibiotics,
   II. Analgesics,
   III. Anti-inflammatory agents,
   IV. Antimalarials,
   V. Antiasthmatics,
   VI. Antifungals
Such as Ampilin, Elymox, Cloxacillin capsules and dry syrup, Elycetin (Chloramphenicol) capsules and suspension, Elytetra capsules and ointment, Candistat cream and vaginal tablets, Elycort(Hydrocortisone) cream and ointment, among a host of others. The Over The Counter production line boasts of a wide range of products as below:
I. ANTHELMINTICS: Vumtrex and Wormol tablets and syrup/suspension
II. COUGH AND COLD PREPARATIONS: Codelzine Cough Linctus, Pectadyl Expectorant, Elyfed Tablets and syrup, Chestcof tablets & Syrup. Throatsil Lozenges
IV. VITAMINS: Elydac sugar coated tablets and syrup, Vitamin- B Complex Tablets, Ferritone-B Tonic